A Men Won 3M$ After Loosing His Glasses

Booby Guffy Play the lottery everyweek with the same numbers. Last week while entering the numbers on this lottery site he couldn’t find his glasses and instead of clicking on 46 he clicked on 48 !!

The day after he got a call from the site owners that he won $3m.

Some time it worth loosing your glasses



5 Great Ways to Keep Your Site Fresh

Here’s 5 great ways to keep the content on your site fresh and give great value to your users.

1) 5min VideoSeed – Just add a simple code to your site and 5min will automagically scan your page and deliver high quality relevant video content to your page from their large library of instructional videos.

2) Autoblogged – This is so simple, it should be illegal. Just find some great newsfeed sources, grab their RSS feeds and Autoblogged will periodically scan the feeds and repost the content to your site in a very adjustable template.

3)  LoudTwitter – Twitter is slowly taking over as the preferred method of communications. Because if it’s simple API, you can even post tweets from your phone. LoudTwitter collects these tweets and reposts them as fresh blog content on your site.

4) Delicious Daily Blog Posting – Delicious is probably the most popular social bookmarking site. We constantly scour the web for cool content and bookmark it for later reference, why not share those discoveries with others on your site?

5) Flickr – Connect your Flickr account to your blog and you can post images you find on flickr directly to your site. Even better, with email-to-flickr set up, you can send images to your site on-the-fly from anywhere with a modern cellphone.


Observe, fellow social bookmarkers:


Interesting how superusers TalSiach and MrBabyMan both submit the same story, at the same time, from the same URL, with the same description and the same image, and yet, as if by magic, are not deemed duplicate.

Perhaps they submitted at the same second?

Or perhaps Digg is screwy? You just don’t see this stuff on Reddit, and when you do, it doesn’t last long.



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What’s this all about then?

I’m very interested in the inner workings of the web and marketing. Particularly what people call “Web 2.0” or the Social Web. In this blog I hope to post interesting findings and write the occasional commentary about where the internet is heading, and it’s effect on society, marketing, and advertising.

Hope I don’t bore you all 🙂