Is the internet doomed?

The world of SEO is spiraling out of control

Every user is a troll

Scroll, click, click, comment, scroll,

*sad emoticon*.


In as surprising move, the spam dude posted his message under the spam girl, on a whole other digg post.

I hate the internet.


11 Responses

  1. Yes I know, No matter where you go there is spam! I mean come on, I get spam in my post office mail! Its like no matter where, there is always people trying to spam you, even on your phone 😛 But The internet is like starting to be come like that, and there needs to be something done about this issue. But you will just never know if its a Spam Bot or a real person, Well i’m a real person (duh!) Well thats my two cents! And again no matter what world be live in now, its just hell :S

  2. Call me an optimist, but I think search engines and internet users together will beat the spammers. Of course they’ll always be around, but they’ll be of waning influence for two main reasons:

    1) Google’s algorithms are getting better at burying spammy sites to search engine purgatory

    2) Internet users are becoming more savvy and less prone to go to cybersquatter, made-for-adsense sites. They will simply know what the good sites are and they’ll go to them. (This then presents another possible problem of web consolidation–the entire internet being divvied up among a few large players, but that can be the topic of another post.)

    With that said, yeah, spam sucks!

  3. For me its not. Spam is part of an internet marketing. Every time you send e-mail to people you don’t know and they don’t know you at all, vice versa considered spam. But the other spam e-mail might good news to you…Maybe they offer you to involve in an Internet Marketing w/c you can earn Income through Internet.
    From Spam E-mail I found my Internet Business, which I’m manage at home…

  4. I am india spam worker
    this message is an insult to me and millions of workers in the intenet marketing industies

    you must remember thet there is no other way to make living here, it’s either spams or telemrketing.

    I put food on table of my family.
    what do you do for a living?
    are you find shame in feeding a wife and childrens?

    you need to understand not every one is burned into a perfect world.


  5. Saleem, why not leave India and move to a better country?

  6. I think if we could just instain how babby formed this would be ok.

  7. My lots are with you sorry for three babby get to lay.

  8. A mother in ar will kill the internets, cos it cants fright back.

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