Why I’m leaving Digg & focusing primarily on Reddit.

This is Digg’s popular page as of 15 minutes ago or so:


Seriously, what’s going on here?

In recent weeks, I’ve been comparing Digg to Reddit, and I must say, I feel reddit provides a much more solid community news engine than Digg.

Here’s a few points to consider:


· Same old content, constantly being regurgitated.

· Important news is not being displayed quickly enough (takes 50-150 diggs to get popular, by that time the news has already been broken in other outlets, ie: reddit).

· Terrible new recommendation engine – you don’t find what’s actually popular, you just find silly posts that aren’t relevant to your interests at all. For serious digg users that have many interests, it doesn’t add up at all. I understand it’s still in beta but the point is digg has way more important things to worry about than its upcoming section, which I thought was pretty good and I never really had any issues with it – If it ain’t broken don’t fix it!

· Blogspam. Need I say more?

· Once something gets popular it very rarely gets buried, as opposed to reddit, where the community will stream it out if it is blogspam or users trying to game the system.

· After checking, I found that power users (ie. msaleem, MakiMaki) have far too much influence – get to Front Page with stupid stories that seriously dilute the quality content digg should be all about. Get this:

  • Maki Maki – 8 FP stories, 70 submissions in 24 hours
  • Msaleem – 7 FP stories, 40 submissions in 24 hours – at this writing, he has 4 submissions that are popular on the Front Page at the same time.

On the other hand


· Open-Source – Always a plus, you can see how the engine works, and if you don’t like it, you can start your own!

· New, fresh content

· Constantly updated Front Page – every time you refresh reddit, FP is updated.

· Easier to get on the Front Page – Unlike digg, where 50% of FP material is submitted by the top 30 users (less than 1% of all digg users), if you have quality content and submit it, it will likely find its way to the Reddit FP.

· Alternative news sources instead of the usual sources diggers are obsessed with (ie: arstechnica, huffington post)

· No Apple fanboys (yeah, okay, maybe a few)

· Featured random upcoming story – On the Reddit FP, at the top pf the page there is a box which shows you a random upcoming story so automatically your submission gets some exposure, even if it’s for just a few seconds.

· Comment quality – reddit comments tend to be extremely funny at times and the comment system is better overall as higher rated comments get sent to the top of the page unlike in digg.

· More content on the Front Page – due to its simple and basic design, it is possible to scroll through many different stories on reddit on the FP.

· Longer title capacity

· There’s no diggnation podcast where 2 drunken egotistical idiots that wield way too much power sit around, drink beer, laugh at their own pathetic jokes and make comments that would make an 8 year old child who just took a bat to the head proud. Okay, maybe that was a bit mean, but come on. Get over yourselves, people.

I think the choice is clear.

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43 Responses

  1. I recently made the same decision, just within the last week. I was tired of Digg links like “the cutest cat you’ll ever see” and other nonsense like that, so I went to reddit for the first time ever and was immediately impressed. Digg is dead to me now.

  2. I posted something similar this yesterday on my blog.


    While I didn’t compare digg to reddit, I made the conclusion later that evening that I was going to make a conscious effort to not use digg anymore and focus on reddit as well.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous. You people act like reading these sites is like joining a damn religion. It’s just a news site, you don’t have to choose one! Read them both. They both have interesting articles and it’s not like your some traitor who’s going to beheaded for spending time somewhere else.

  4. I’m so digging this story…

  5. It’s funny there’s a Digg icon at the bottom of the post 🙂

    But I do think Reddit is quite a bit more high-brow and less high school than Digg.

  6. Prepare to be disappointed.

  7. I made the switch about a year ago and have never looked back. Loved you comment about Diggnation couldn’t agree more. When I left digg it was at a point that whenever someone posted something about Rose it would automagically hit the front page. lame.

    What I like most about reddit is if you subscribe the the rss feed the links take you right to the source, and not to reddit first.

  8. I personally enjoy Diggnation, but I agree about the ridiculous stories. It’s extremely diluted. They need to completely separate the silly ones in terms of getting onto the front page.

  9. I’ve also been comparing reddit and Digg. I think the main problem for me is that Digg doesn’t have the right content for my tastes (more tech / programming, less doode check out this crazy pic). I do wonder if reddit is better for me _because_ it is the underdog. Though with that volume of news, I’d really like to see their recommendation system spruced up. Digg are definitely right that something like that is needed.

  10. Its funny since half of the ones you highlighted were also on reddit. But to each his own.

  11. You’re retarded. If Reddit had as many users as Digg, the same thing would be happening on Reddit. If you want Reddit to stay the same as it is now, quit recruiting.

  12. I am always relevant.

  13. Give it a few months, and you’ll be writing another article about how you migrated from Reddit to Stumbleupon.

    Interesting finds become a lot more interesting when they aren’t hidden behind lame headlines.

  14. I find myself hitting reddit more often lately. I too am tired of the constant LOL catz and various internet memes hitting the fp.

    Great post and great stats.

  15. #11 has got this on the money.

    Slashdot used to be amazing too, and fast! Digg was a great place to get tech news, interesting news, it was really cool – a few years ago. Now Reddit is great (usually) – but it’ll go downhill like any other.

    The lion’s share of issues you brought up are entirely community-based. And things like an open-source engine and ‘no annoying podcast’ don’t help fix the greater problem that the masses will eternally look at something stupid and eyecatching than something useful or really deeply interesting

  16. No Brandon, they don’t. The only good articles on Digg were posted on reddit yesterday anyways. You go ahead and waste your time if you want.

  17. Digg ran its course fast for me, before they changed the way diggs are counted and how the front page works it was pretty good and usable, but now? No at all. I don’t care about *funny* pictures, bad movies, or if a 90 something year old woman is voting for McCane or not. I go to news sites for news and things that I find interesting, not that garbage.

    @duh: The amount of users don’t matter as long as there is quality content. I’m not saying that all content on reddit is quality, but the majority of content that reaches the front page is fairly diverse and interesting.

  18. Community wise? Digg = retards. Reddit = asshats.

    On the picture you mocked up: that’s stupid, guy. Yes, the first story is not news, but since when is digg news. You yawn at the garden: must be interesting to some people who don’t have their heads up their ass. The milk thing’s kinda funny and WTFish. Some people are hyped about the Olympics and fuck you if you don’t like bacon, you vegan pole-smoker.

    Digg does regurgitate stories. For me, usually see repeat stories throughout the week. But with reddit, I can see the same damn story submitted 4 to 5 times on FP all in the same load! Especially if Obama/McCain/Congress/Bush/Cheney/xkcd do something special. And of course there’s the karma whoring, “Vote up if you like rim-jobbing yourself!” articles that aren’t even a STORY much less news. Talk about “game the system.”

    I do agree that Digg is run by the small amount of top users that push everything. And reddit did make a smart move on the open-source. Both have goods and bads.

    But holy shit, get over yourself.

    p.s. You don’t like Diggnation, you most be hopeless prick.

  19. yet you still want us to digg your article? (red arrow and wtf? pointing to “share this post” digg icon)

  20. I gotta save I LOOOOOOVE that HUGE box thats pops up every time I hover over a link on your blog. wow.

  21. All of the links your made notations about have appeared on Reddit.

  22. I agree that the quality of Reddit posts is better, though William’s comment is a good one: “…half of the ones you highlighted were also on reddit.”

    More than that, though, the Digg community killed it for me. It all boiled down to the comments and subsequent up/down voting on this thread:


    Not that all comments from the Reddit community are high-minded, pithy soliloquies, but nothing on Reddit has made me spitting angry like those comments did.

  23. I like reddit because so far it doesn’t seem to be a constant stream of the same old sites that always pop up on digg. That being said, I haven’t been using it for too long!

  24. I’m leaving the internet and focusing primarily on real life, thanks to the over-use of “wtf” “lol” and spelling “seriously” without vowels.

    …although, i do enjoy those lolcats!

  25. I’ve never thought of either site as a “news” site. They’re just a bunch of links people find interesting. If people find a link about obnoxious French tourists to be interesting then so be it.

    Making a choice to move from one site to the other is usually less about which is newsworthy and more about which one presents content that’s more “relevant to your interests”, i.e. the communities behind them.

    There are other reasons too. For instance, I choose reddit over digg because it puts more content in a smaller space and is more to-the-point. Digg feels too big and spread out for what is essentially a list of links.

  26. And after 2 months you will realised that reddit is filled with crap too.

  27. i switched like 2 years ago, never looked back

  28. I love you so much

  29. I recently (as in today) cancelled my TotalFark subscription and registered on both Digg and Reddit. So far it is like a breath of fresh air. No opinion yet on which I prefer. Apples and oranges perhaps, but in that case I guess my tastes are just changing.

    Yes, I paid money for free regurgitated content. Yes, it was stupid and lazy (danged recurring subscriptions).

  30. Open Source ftw.
    But I have to admit I like Diggnation, although the last 50 episodes or so have begun to suck a little.

  31. Digg is the reason why we had to disable the comments in our blog at DFT. The blogspam was insane. All we have are our weekly vids posted. I honestly thought getting Dugg would be a good thing, but I have only seen detriment and after detriment. There’s something…unsavory…about the Digg audience.

  32. I use http://www.subbmitt.com a lot now. For one thing, I can post a story to the front page as all stories make it there.

  33. I’m leaving Digg for Reddit now, too. I found myself getting home from work, sifting through 150 RSS items from Digg and following *maybe* one of them. With Reddit I have about 50 items a day and am actually interested in the majority of them. Good riddance!

  34. Digg is compromised. Too many obvious flaws. Kevin has publicly admitted that they exercise heavy “editorial control” of the front page, and their code is closed.

    I used to like Kevin Rose, but he has become a media whore sellout. When the work is your PASSION that comes through. When you are SHILLING for corporate interests and trying to CONTROL perception, that comes through loud and clear as well.

    I used to swarm digg every day and use Reddit as a backup/secondary aggregator. Now I hit Reddit and while I haven’t yet deleted Digg from my rss reader, it has been over a month since I have visited that site. If you love corporate media, stay with Digg. If you want a true web 2.0 user driven experience, Reddit is the current place for that.

    Fuck Digg. Fuck Kevin Rose, and fuck that lame ass douche bohemian grove visiting bleach blond sidekick of his. They are all republican/NWO minions in training.

  35. I could not agree more…I had just moved over to reddit to check it out and see if the same $hit eating content whores posted everything on the front pages and was pleasantly suprised. I am tired of burying the CRAP these guys submit…it does no good..I am off of digg.

  36. I’m confused… You mention blogspam but then, this is a blog post, submitted to Digg…. I’m guessing you’re not one of those who think *all* blog posts are spam, but just those that are obviously ads, right?

  37. I like Kevin, but I don’t find him that funny… he does have interesting things to say. Alex, on the other hand, is absolutely hilarious.

  38. Dude you dissed Maki aka DoshDosh? Only one of the top bloggers out there, I even subscribe to his Digg RSS feed cause his stories are actually good.

    You suck Troll

  39. I actually appreciate posts like these ones! It’ll be nice to see you and your followers leave to a place where we won’t have to hear you any longer. Thanks and good luck w/ Reddit!

  40. …is a douche

  41. welcome to a better place

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  43. If your eyes even survive the horrible experience that is Reddit’s retarded theme, you will see that they got the same titles.

    Just now you can see on Reddit:

    Buried and good riddance.

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